Tales Untold – A Legacy from Middle-Earth

The Battle for Middle – Earth and the famous Hobbits’ tales are well known to most, whether read or told in a tavern. Men and women across the Middle Earth from the western Grey Havens to far past Mordor, know the tales of Bilbo the Ring Finder and Frodo the Ring Bearer in one way or another. The book known as the Red Book of Westmarch tells the great tales of the end of the Third Age. As the Ring Bearers all left Middle-Earth by sailing across the sea to Valinor, the world of Middle-Earth entered it’s Fourth Age. Although peace to all is something else, no peril to the entire world such as Sauron was was left to torment the lands. The Age of Men begins.

Although the stories of Bilbo, Frodo and the rest of the Fellowship are well known, some stories are left untold. Other parties of heroic adventurers (perhaps even less fortunate than the Fellowship) played a role throughout the Third Age, leading up to the grand finale. These unknown heroes didn’t go unnoticed to all and in the many libraries of the Shire, Rivendell, Minas Tirith and Erodas, these tales can be read. However, as the Fourth Age befalls the world, these tales have yet to be told and the many tomes of these adventurers’ escapades were left to gather dust in the vast libraries of the known world.

Now it is a century into the Fourth Age, when a lonely hobbit accompanied by one of the last elves on Middle-Earth, wonders into the Library of Minas Tirith. They search for a good few hours before they find 6 dusty tomes, laced with gold and silver strings and made of a paper that hadn’t faded or even stained over the many, many years it had existed. The hobbit called Harding of the Hill, son of Holfast Gardner from the line of Samwise Gamgee, peered over the tomes layed in front of him. His interest about the Shire’s history and the whole of the Third Age was deep rooted and his travels from the Shire brought him to Minas Tirith. His eyes fell on the lavishly written words on the tome and he started reading:

“A loud wolf howl pierced the morning sky.”

And this is where the story of the adventurers begins. Will the story end well? Or will the adventurers find a fantastical doom that will make some sort of difference in the world? It is up to them, for these tales are the Tales Untold – Legacy from Middle-Earth!

Tales Untold - A Legacy from Middle-Earth

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