This is where we get into the nitty gritty of which classes you’re allowed to create. Important to remember is that Magic is extremely rare, and therefore only ONE ELVEN magic caster will be allowed in the party. He/she may chose from the Magical Classes list. If you do play a magical class, come to the DM for more information.

Normal Classes
- Fighter
Defend your allies and fight with the power of a trained fighter! Wherever you were trained, Gondor or Rohan or elsewhere, you are a bastion for your allies to rally around.

- Barbarian
Lose yourself in a battle-rage and swing your mighty weapon around and around, raining hell upon those facing your fury! Dwarvish battlecries and Beorning’s feral howls combine with the sounds of clashing weapons and screams of their victims as they surge foreward.

- Ranger (See ___ for more information) →
Loosen arrow after arrow, piercing your enemies like a porcupine, before aiding your allies through harsh territories and putting your knowledge of the world to healing. Whether elf or human, an arrow point will pierce an orc and slay him easily and effectively.

- Rogue
Sneak in and out of the shadows, darting and striking like a snake put packing a force like a bull. The enemy will feel you but not see you. Then turn your eyes to that locked door, and with your expertise, open passages for your allies to go through they didn’t even know existed. Or stealthily moving through an orc camp to slay their captain, with feet making less sound than an elven tread. That’s your power.

- Monk (See ____ for more information)
Fight with the dedication of a kind whom are slowly fading. Bare hands punching through metal and somersaults through the battlefield causing beautiful, calm, mayhem. Thoroughly trained in the mountains across Middle-Earth, you are ready to face the enemy with the power of your body.

Magical Classes: Elf only

- Cleric
With the light of the Valar or even Eru Il’uvatar himself, you smite the foul beings that came from Melkor and Morgoth’s schemes. Healing those that were wounded by Morgul blades or just the normal orcish, jagged blades, you stand vast amongst the shadows as a beacon of hope to all around.

- Druid
You draw upon the powers of Yavanna and Oromë to hunt down your foes or heal and create. Whichever path you’ve chosen, you’re the hand of nature and you are both the serenety of a calm lake in a forrest as well as the furious power of a thunderstorm. And one day, you’ll become one with nature.

- Paladin
A fighter for the good of Middle-Earth as well as the survival of your race, you stand firm against the forces of Melkor. Wielding a shield and a blade, you are a whirlwind of power on the battlefield, as well as a commander of all. Although you posses some healing, you fight and will continue fighting until there’s no evil left to fight.

- Bard (Hobbit also) →
In a world so dark that even the Light seems to be but a candle at the end of it’s lifespan, and even the weakest woman is wielding a sword for protection against the dark, this is when your songs bring hope. Your music is an infinitesimally small replica piece of the music of the Ainur, but it holds power and that power you can control. Moving people to tears and boosting your ally’s confidence is something that you do through your music. But it also has the power to destroy, so beware.


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